The statistics team

The statistics team is based at The Institute of Cancer Research campus at Sutton and is led by Dr Michael Jones. The team’s responsibilities include the statistical and computing aspects of the study.

Dr Michael Jones

Dr Michael JonesIt is exciting and rewarding to be working on the study because, through detailed and careful data collection and analysis, we aim to find ways to prevent breast cancer in future generations.

Dr Michael Jones studied Natural Sciences at Cambridge University, Applied Statistics at Oxford University, and received a PhD in Epidemiology from London University. He first worked in the field of cancer epidemiology in Australia, then in France at the International Agency for Research on Cancer, and later at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. In 2001 he joined The Institute of Cancer Research and continues to work on the design, management and statistical analysis of complex, large epidemiological studies.

Team Members

  • Michael Jones
  • Penny Coulson
  • June Palmer
  • Iain Timmins